• Robyn Farwell
    Robyn Farwell West Lebanon, NH
    Thank you LandlightS! U have thoroughly answered my question. Thanks a bunch!
  • Sherrie
    Sherrie Nixa, MO
    Robyn Farwell is your flooring Manufactured Hard Wood?

    You might have a cleaner build up if all the floor has lost it's shine. And you never use any soap on this flooring. I am

  • Kathe With An E (Kathe)
    I have the same exact laminate floor as you do. I have been using this solution since last fall. I do not use the essential oils nor, do I add any cleaning agent such as dish soap. We have a dog that is a slobber monster and this works wonders at getting
    • Nature's Nurture
      Kathe With An E (Kathe) Yay, Kathe! Glad to hear it's working for you! And thanks for letting us know that it works well on dog slobber - we don't have pets so I haven't been able to test it in that sense. Thanks again! :-)
  • Joanne Larock
    Joanne Larock Poughkeepsie, NY
    I tried this today for the first time and.love it..the floors dried fast and looked shiney..will deff use this again..
  • Cheryl Moody
    Cheryl Moody Coatesville, PA
    What's the best cleaner for Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring. It never really had a shine to it, but it's really dull looking after 12 years. I'd like to give it some brightness again !
  • Sherrie
    Sherrie Nixa, MO
    Cheryl how have you been cleaning it?

    And what brand is it?

  • Heather Bayley
    I have 100 year old hardwood floors..this cleaner is nothing new. I've been using the concoction since my Mom told me about it back in the 70's! Just don;t wet the wood flooring too much..damp clean it.I never use Murphy's oil soap. a bit of dawn is
  • Dusty Allyn
    Dusty Allyn Richmond, KY
    I have used vinegar and water many times not realizing it was what was removing the shine from my floors. I have used many wood floor cleaners trying to bring that it back but of course nothing helps. Lid there something simple I can use to bring back
    • Sherrie
      Sherrie Nixa, MO
      As long as the floor itself isn't damaged you can use a sander with a screen and polyuthene it again. It is a pain! But less work and your finish back! I have preached this so much but everyone thinks because their ancesters used it and it's natural
  • GG
    GG Sisseton, SD
    Thanks, Nature's Nurture . I have a question, though. You mentioned on your blog not to use essential oils around pets, emphatically. Why is that?
  • GG
    GG Sisseton, SD
    I bought Zep Laminate and Hardwood floor cleaner and was excited when I first applied it to an area. I shortly learned that it never completely dries, so that one step on it leaves a footprint. I was so discouraged. I went back to vinegar and water, but
  • Nature's Nurture
    Because pets walk on the floor that's being cleaned, and then lick their paws, fur, etc. we have to be very careful when using essential oils on floor surfaces. Essential oils can be harmful to cats, especially. Some oils seem to be ok to be used on
  • GG
    GG Sisseton, SD
    For the time being, I have discovered what works for me. Simple alcohol sprayed on a microfiber cloth on my swiffer duster. I was worried about straight alcohol, but I know the instructions for laminate flooring it says you can use fingernail polish
  • Kim Pratt
    Kim Pratt Triangle, VA
    @hometalk So what's the best cleaner AND shiner for regular hard wood floors? I have been using a shark to clean it and then reapplying shine separately but have been sick for 2 months and they look horrible...
    • Sherrie
      Sherrie Nixa, MO
      If your buying it Bona. And a micro fiber mop. If your cleaning it natural a drop or two of dish soap in a bucket of water wring as much water out as possible. Then mop, rinse remember wringing as much water out as possible. Then dry. Don't leave
  • Debbeaslin
    Debbeaslin Salt Lake City, UT
    great for homes without carpet
  • Amy W.
    Amy W. Clermont, FL
    So once again you have to go to the blog to find out what this miracle cleaner is?? Another attempt to get more "hits" on a blog, l really liked Hometalk a lot better when it was about real people posting real diy projects and household tips that showed
    • Betty
      Betty Saint Louis, MO
      Amy W. I totally agree with Amy W. I find it irritating to read a post that directs me to a blog when the information could be conveyed in the post.
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