decor ideas 01.13.14

Farmhouse Style Dining Room

New Hutch missing bottom doors. Looking for easy unique ideas for covering these or building new doors. Any suggestions? Any tips for making little curtains if you don't sew? Thanks!

To see more: http://farmhouseporch.blogspot.com/2012/11/another-new-hutch-i-swear-i-dont-have_11.html

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  • Donna Davidson Greenville, NC
    Velcrose ,,, put on the wood and the back of material and you have curtains, use the iron on tape to hem material.
  • No sew curtains - find some tea towels that you love and little clip curtain hangers. Attach cafe rods (spraypaint them back to match your clips) to the inside of the cabinet door frame and you're done!
  • So pretty!! Love your ironstone collection, too!