Garden Advice From a Garden Coach

Household 02.06.15
Learn the top five things people get wrong in their gardens, and the simple fixes that make a garden pop.

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  • Stephanie @ Garden Therapy
    Love this article on garden coaching! The tips are definitely something I can use. I never really thought about how the garden is viewed most. Generally, my gardens look great up close but from far away (how most people see it) it lacks some punch. Great
  • Eclectically Vintage - Kelly
    Great tips - my garden is a work in progress and can't wait to start planting in the spring! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous - my favorite flower
  • Gen of North Coast Gardening
    Thanks, guys! :) Eclectic, the Hydrangeas love a good organic acid-loving fertilizer in May and July. I use the Gardener and Bloome stuff or Dr Earth for acid-loving plants.
  • Linnea Krones
    Linnea Krones Houston, TX
    What a great job that must be, too. Imagine the gardens and wonderful people you would get to meet. Thanks for the article.
  • Michelle W
    Michelle W Oceanside, CA
    Jen, have been following your blog for a while & saw you here. Do you do photo consults or do you know someone who does this in the San Diego/Oceanside area? Thank you.
  • Gen of North Coast Gardening
    Michelle, thanks for your kind words. I would check the Garden Coach Directory online (google it) or the APLD website for local designers, many of which would likely be delighted to come out and do some coaching/ consulting.
  • Michelle W
    Michelle W Oceanside, CA
    Thanks for responding Jen. Will try your ideas. Have a great day & thanks again.
Gen of North Coast Gardening