Garden Advice From a Garden Coach

Household 02.06.15
Learn the top five things people get wrong in their gardens, and the simple fixes that make a garden pop.

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  • Gen of North Coast Gardening
    Thanks, guys! :) Eclectic, the Hydrangeas love a good organic acid-loving fertilizer in May and July. I use the Gardener and Bloome stuff or Dr Earth for acid-loving plants.
  • Linnea Krones
    Linnea Krones Houston, TX
    What a great job that must be, too. Imagine the gardens and wonderful people you would get to meet. Thanks for the article.
  • Michelle W
    Michelle W Oceanside, CA
    Jen, have been following your blog for a while & saw you here. Do you do photo consults or do you know someone who does this in the San Diego/Oceanside area? Thank you.
  • Gen of North Coast Gardening
    Michelle, thanks for your kind words. I would check the Garden Coach Directory online (google it) or the APLD website for local designers, many of which would likely be delighted to come out and do some coaching/ consulting.
  • Michelle W
    Michelle W Oceanside, CA
    Thanks for responding Jen. Will try your ideas. Have a great day & thanks again.
Gen of North Coast Gardening