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White Christmas Mason Jar Lumaries

Super easy, pretty (and cheap!) mason jar luminaries for Christmas. I used stencils, glass paint, Mod Podge & salt to make these in under an hour. :)
Time: 1 Hour Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://www.gingersnapcrafts.com/2012/11/white-christmas-mason-jar-luminaries.html

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  • Donna gulino Port Orange, FL
    I bought my mason jars at Michaels for $1.49, but the slat keeps flaking off the jar, what did I do wrong????
    • Sharon New Oxford, PA
      Donna gulino I sprayed mine after the Mod Podge dried with spray adhesive. Kept the salt on and didn't change the look. I used some small pictures from old Christmas cards on some of mine and
    • Candi Ohmer Bishop, CA
      Sharon Did you use spray adhesive or polyurethane? I'm going to try these for co-worker gifts. I think I might try cut-outs of cards or fabric, too, since my jars have fruit design on the glass!! We'll see!
  • you're probably right :) I did not see the project until we were already in the thick of the holiday rush, so too late to plan ahead at that point! I guess I will keep an eye out for them to try next year :)
  • I saw one on here using Epson Salt and just used Elmer's glue. You might try that and it's cheaper to make. I personally wouldn't use a stencil but use maybe pretty ribbon and arrange holly around the bottom. This way it can be used any time of the year.
  • Debbie C San Ysidro, NM
    For those having a problem with the clumping, use regular salt and put it in a shaker ... then do about half the jar, then decopauge the other half and shake salt over that side.
  • Ann Jenkins Canton, NC
    You really don't need to go buy jars just start save any kind of jar will do.
  • Lisa Christman Shireman Martinsville, IN
    Click through on any of the pictures. The blogger (gingersnapcrafts) has a much more detailed, step by step instruction over on her blog. One thing I noticed is that she said she used plain table salt on the body of the jars and the kosher salt just
  • Kathy Franklin, OH
    Why not use snowflake stickers before applying the glue and salt then pull the sticker off when dry. Then the light will reflect through.
  • Sharon New Oxford, PA
    I used small pickle jars I'd saved.
  • Debbie C San Ysidro, NM
    I tried this using the salt shaker (as I recommended above/below) ... and used Elmer's glue and some food coloring ... came out pretty good ... need to practice it a bit. The only thing I'm finding with the salt/Elmer's mix is that I would want to
  • Wanda sinnema Seattle, WA
    look for the epson salts in the first aid section,,,,much cheaper there than cosmetic ones.. with scents..... arout $4.00 for a 3-4 lb bag..
  • Sandy Martise Saint Louis, MO
    I looked at michaels and Joanne's and walmart I could not find the snowflake stencils can you buy them online?
  • Kristi Hubbard Flora, IN
    Can the salt take the heat from a regular light bulb?

    I am wanting to make it into a pendant light.

  • Betty819 Silver Spring, MD
    Have you noticed that a lot of food items are packed in plastic jars now days; cuts down on breakage for manufacturer as well as grocery stores. My daughter found this beautiful fluted votice candle holder with a butterfly painted on it, that design