• Kyn
    Kyn Manchester Township, NJ
    Really neat. I usually do the same with candles but I do use sparkles.

    You can use the battery operated lights by cusing out the center of

  • Charlie Malone
    Charlie Malone Winston, OR
    These are very pretty. Thank you for sharing. :)
  • Carole Boldt
    Carole Boldt Wakefield, RI
    Did this last year, had a great time doing them and they were very pretty and can be used year round
  • Sandy Pierce
    Sandy Pierce Pittsburg, KS
    I did candles similar to these with epson salt and food coloring (using the battery operated candles. I finished mine off with a light coat of sealer for humidity reasons as well and works great to insure the salt doesn't flake off over time.
    • Marcia Lee
      Marcia Lee Sussex, WI
      Sandy Pierce I did some kind of similar jar using Epsom salt, but it did not stay on and it did not cover very well. I did not use Mod Podge. I think I will give it another try
  • Rose
    rose Lansing, MI
    Docent the mod page and salt cover up the snowflake??
    • Jen Hutson Watrol
      Jen Hutson Watrol Toledo, OH
      Rose it does cover the snow flake but because the mod podge dries clear and the salt is clear it shows through! That is one reason why I used the sharpies instead of paint they are a little brighter!
  • Sharon Russell
    Sharon Russell Imperial, NE
    Welll...after the big gardens of the past few years, I've finally got a few empty Mason jars...and I won't be filling ALL of them with this years' produce, I see ~ these are great!! Thanks for the post :)
  • Marcy
    Marcy Rogers City, MI
    These are very pretty
  • Shaz Mahmood
    Shaz Mahmood Pakistan
    What is mod podge n where to find
    • Sandy Pierce
      Sandy Pierce Pittsburg, KS
      @ Shaz Mahmood Its a thicker glue similar to what we use in school. It can be found in any craft store or Iam sure Amazon.com might have it
  • Jan
    jan Sanford, FL
    Walmart and Michaels and many craft stores---and i coated over the Epson salt with another coat of Mod podge---it looks awful at first but dries overnight---
  • Janet Rodgers
    Janet Rodgers United Kingdom
    Please explain what Mod Podge actually is, like Shaz Mahmood, I don't live in US, so have no idea what it is! Of course, we may be able to buy it under a different name if someone can explain what it is, what it does?
  • Joanne
    Joanne Canada
    Or you can make your own Modge Podge..................one part white school glue to one part water. I made my own for this project and it turned out great! I'd show you a pic but the gift is still wrapped up.
  • Victoria Becker
    Victoria Becker Lansing, IL
    @Janet Rodgers - Mod Podge was originally used in decoupage. It is a type of glue/sealer. Check local retailers or online for a substance in your part of the world that is traditionally used in decoupage and you will have the same thing. If your part of
  • Chris
    Chris Fenton, MO
    Do you think that silver sharpies would work for the snowflakes?
  • Diena Cameron
    Diena Cameron Kelseyville, CA
    Love this idea, and i thought i had seen every mason jar luminary craft possible. Thanks for the great idea.
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