"Living" spaces 01.28.13

How we updated our Living Room with 1x3s and Paint

Our living room walls were apple green and there was way too much wall. We updated our space with some 1x3s and paint to match our trim. It gave our space a modern update without a large expense. This project cost us less than $200!


To see more: http://southernrevivals.blogspot.com/2012/01/living-room-makeover-reveal-what-now.html

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  • Thanks Jessica! It wasn't hard to improve on what we had! ;)
  • Miriam I New York, NY
    I second what Mom4Real Jessica said. Amazing!
  • Tanya Australia
    It looks awesome Jamie
  • Thanks so much Miriam I and Tanya Halligan!
  • Whoa! That is gorgeous and budget minded to boot!!
  • Sherrie S Debary, FL
    Looking at before & after is amazing as everyone has posted. After is beautiful.
  • Tonya Diehl Murphysboro, IL
  • Thanks ladies! I like it when it's pretty and cheap! ;)
  • amazing! I am wondering about doing one accent wall of paneling like that behind our couch. But then I wrestle with the "where would I hang art" question like you? Above the paneling - in the paneling?
  • Chrissy Wittenmeier Indianapolis, IN
    I love the idea too. I am wondering how it would look halfway up the wall, almost like wainscotting? I really love the look! Easier to hang art too possibly.
  • Christina @ The Frugal Homemaker & Chrissy Wittenmeier I am in the process of updating these wall. I think I have my decorating the walls conundrum worked out! Will share when done!
  • Such a great transformation. Space feels bright and cozy and pulled together.
  • What a huge difference. Love it.
  • LOVE, love, love! Am stopping over at your blog now....
  • Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it!