10 Mistakes Not To Make When Heating Your Home

Even with a constant flow of information about energy efficiency, homeowners make major heating mistakes that end in higher electric bills and larger environmental footprints. Here are 10 of those errors, with the cause and effect of each decision. http://bit.ly/WaQTfH

1. Maintaining a constant temperature

Cause: A persistent myth suggests that you can save energy by leaving the house at a comfortable 68 degrees (a widely recommended winter setting), even when you are sleeping or away at work.

Effect: You could miss out on significant potential energy savings by not using a programmable thermostat and adjusting the temperature overnight and during the workday.

2. Closing off vents in unused rooms Cause: You don't want to waste energy heating rooms you aren't using. Effect: Again, this just wastes energy and makes your furnace run inefficiently because it changes the air pressure in the whole system. Experts recommend never

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  • Judy
    Judy Paris, TX
    We now have a home with a heat pump, ugh! What is the most effective way to stay warm in winter. Does fine in summer to keep us cool. Our first winter with it, us older folk just don't stay warm. Just South of Metroplex (DFW_Texas)
  • Correy.smith321
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  • Dfm
    dfm Cascade, IA
    okay i get that closing off the vents changes the balance of the air flow.....but how about

    leaving the room doors closed..and vents open?...after the house fire i noted that the rooms with the closed doors had less

  • Paul Langley
    Paul Langley Albuquerque, NM
    This is some really great info for any homeowner! I have been told my whole life to close off the vents in guest rooms and other unused areas. Only recently have I learned that it's a bad idea, partially because of the air pressure, and partially because
  • Andre Beluchi
    Andre Beluchi Klamath Falls, OR
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