Reclaimed wood flooring made from pallets and such

bud 4 days ago
So I'm not cool enough to post a cool pallet project like so many other Hometalkers have done. But this is almost as cool - I happened across this amazing flooring made from pallets, shipping crates and other used wood. It looks fantastic and seems to be pretty well-liked:

  • Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    Hi LeAnn O, I honestly don't know how you would go about making flooring from regular pallets. I think that would be quite a challenge. This is a manufactured product from a
  • Rancher Girl
    Rancher Girl Perry, OK
    We did a pallet wood floor in our home and LOVE IT!!!
    • Sharon
      Sharon Hurlock, MD
      Your floor is beautiful I wanted to create a pallet floor in my dineing room but my husband says it would be too difficult
  • Kristin Topping
    Kristin Topping Aliso Viejo, CA
    All your hard work is beautiful and impressive! Love the flooring ideas. Its look awesome. A certified Flooring Services can bring unrivaled value to your future projects. Thanks for nice view.
  • Chris J
    Chris J Grand Rapids, MI
    I LOVE the floor, but have a really silly question I am sure, but am going to ask. Do you have to plane all the wood pieces? Not all skids have the same thickness of wood, same with the exotic wood that Viridiean reclaims. And if you were to use the
  • John
    John Mission Viejo, CA
    My only question is how does the floor hold up with the furniture legs, chairs and other items on the floors and even the high heels women wear? I just sold my parents farm in Iowa and along one stream a grove of cottonwood treed grew. A person
Steve G

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