Reclaimed wood flooring made from pallets and such

So I'm not cool enough to post a cool pallet project like so many other Hometalkers have done. But this is almost as cool - I happened across this amazing flooring made from pallets, shipping crates and other used wood. It looks fantastic and seems to be pretty well-liked:

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  • Chris J
    Chris J Grand Rapids, MI
    I LOVE the floor, but have a really silly question I am sure, but am going to ask. Do you have to plane all the wood pieces? Not all skids have the same thickness of wood, same with the exotic wood that Viridiean reclaims. And if you were to use the
  • John
    John Mission Viejo, CA
    My only question is how does the floor hold up with the furniture legs, chairs and other items on the floors and even the high heels women wear? I just sold my parents farm in Iowa and along one stream a grove of cottonwood treed grew. A person
    • Larry Skelly
      Larry Skelly Lincoln City, OR
      John my brother works for a pallet company and the wood they use is all hardwood. it is not suitable for lumber due to board length but can make 4 ft lengths.
  • Heronsnest1
    I'm very interested in this idea! Does anyone else have a post of their DIY pallet floor project with instructions. ( possible over gypsum subfloor?)
  • Heronsnest1
    How much square footage is yielded by one pallet? Cost effective means for acquiring them??
  • Diana Deiley
    Diana Deiley Nokomis, FL
    Well, look at the size of that room! Gorgeous! The floors are beautiful, but I'll bet it took a long time. "Someday" :)
Steve G