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Repurposed Ideas 10.22.15

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Do you get those advertiser magnets? I get them on my phone books. They are usually coupons or calendars. I've been saving mine, tucked away in a drawer until I saw a blog friend change hers up. That inspired me to get busy.
  • I roughed them up with sandpaper, spray painted them with chalkboard paint. After that, I went one step further and made some mini fridge signs with some vinyl.
  • chalkboard fridge magnet
  • Mini fridge signs.

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  • Karen Lemon
    Karen Lemon Rochester, MI
    I like your creativity. I have been gluing my kids school pictures on my advertisement magnets, cutting them down to fit. I think I will try your idea and but each of our names on one, so we can find our notes easier.
  • Rose
    Rose Inverness, FL
    love it.
    DORLIS Silex, MO
    I too have been saving them, waiting for an idea to recycle them. Thank you!!! You could also use them on metal file cabinets, washing machines for reminder notes. When you leave the washing area, take the magnet with you and stick it on the fridge for
  • Patty
    Patty Pacifica, CA
    So cool. I've been saving mine too!!! Some are big and I was wondering if I could cut them? I really love your inspirational words that you use. Did you handwrite them? If so, you have beautiful handwriting. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!
    • Patty
      Patty Pacifica, CA
      Did you print the quotes up and apply them. Since you said you didn't write them, did someone eles write them for you?
  • Beverly Lemons-Webb
    I take pictures of my grandchildren , glue the magnet and cut them out. Takes some patience citing but we'll worth it. Dosent take up near the room as a regular picture and you don't have to find magnets to hold them up.refrigerator isn't messy anymore!
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