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reuse (repurpose those free magnets)

Do you get those advertiser magnets? I get them on my phone books. They are usually coupons or calendars. I've been saving mine, tucked away in a drawer until I saw a blog friend change hers up. That inspired me to get busy.

To see more: http://www.myrepurposedlife.net/2012/11/free-magnetic-chalkboards.html

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  • Patty
    Patty Pacifica, CA

    So cool. I've been saving mine too!!! Some are big and I was wondering if I could cut them? I really love your inspirational words that you use. Did you handwrite them? If so, you have beautiful handwriting. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!

    • Patty
      Patty Pacifica, CA

      Did you print the quotes up and apply them. Since you said you didn't write them, did someone eles write them for you?

  • Beverly Lemons-Webb

    I take pictures of my grandchildren , glue the magnet and cut them out. Takes some patience citing but we'll worth it. Dosent take up near the room as a regular picture and you don't have to find magnets to hold them up.refrigerator isn't messy

  • Barbara
    Barbara Lomita, CA

    I get one of these calendars from our plumber every year around this time! Always just trashed them when the new year rolled around, but this is a great idea!

  • Rebecca Platt
    Rebecca Platt Muskegon, MI

    This is the ultimate in repurposing. Now I just have to find some.

    DORLIS Silex, MO

    Most businesses have them to hand out.

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