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Awesome Remodels 03.24.14

Designed with Recycled Coffee Filters

This shade was designed with used coffee filters. I dyed the coffee filters with blue acrylic water based paint. You can dye the coffee filters with your favorite color or have them in their natural stained color. After you brew your coffee take the coffee filter and let it dry. If you like darker color let it dry with the coffee inside otherwise get rid of the coffee. After they are dried, clean them well. You can use a sponge for example. Cut the coffee filters in pieces according your style using scissors or by hand. Glue them to the pre-existing shade. For last give a coat of varnish. The job is done and you will have a beautiful lamp.
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  • Kat Davis-Moran
    Kat Davis-Moran Punta Gorda, FL
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Vilma Farrell
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