DIY Scented Bath Salts- very easy and inexpensive gift idea

I have decided this year for Christmas I will hand make 80% of my gifts. So I thought for all the women I give gifts to, I was going to create a spa themed basket. The first thing I made was the easiest gift ever, Lavender Bath Salts. This smells amazing! I have always used Epson Salts for my bath but never thought that it was this easy to make them scented. I will never buy full price bath salts again! Simple mix together Epson salt, your favorite scent of essential oils and dried flowers/lavender/citrus peel (optional). Takes 5 minutes and costs under $2 to make (if you buy a $1 container or around $1 if you can use an old jar)! I will share many other recipes as the month goes on.

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  • Stephanie at Full of Great Ideas
    Hi Amy, There are many sites online that you can order essential oils through for a very reasonable price. The only downfall is you can't smell what you are purchasing.
  • SheerIdeas
    SheerIdeas Saint Paul, MN
    Walmart also carries some essential oils and are about 3.00 a jar and it goes a long way!
  • Tess Matulonis-Archer
    Tess Matulonis-Archer Greenfield, MA
    Walmart carries chemically-scented petroleum-based oils; they are not the same thing as pure essential oils, which are distilled straight from the plants and resins. That process takes a lot of plant material and a lot of work, and costs more than $3 a
  • Sheri Reeves
    Sheri Reeves Englewood, FL
    Love this idea! Thanks for sharing :-)
Stephanie at Full of Great Ideas