3 DIY Fabric Softener Recipes: Vinegar! Baking Soda! Hair Conditioner!

I learned 3 DIY fabric softener recipes from one of my favorite bloggers, Sayward Rebhal. The first: Add vinegar to the rinse cycle of your wash. The second: Mix 6 cups vinegar and 1 cup baking soda. Add 1/2 to 1 cup during the rinse cycle. The third: Mix 6 parts water with 3 parts vinegar and 2 parts hair conditioner. Mix it all up in a container (stirred, not shaken) and then use ½ cup (or less, as needed) per load.

Learn more: http://www.networx.com/article/3-easy-homemad...

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  • Kim Palmeruk
    I always use just plain vinegar. Just fill the dispenser to the top. Cheap, no vinegar smell either.
  • Audrey
    Audrey Slayton, MN
    I used to use 4 Tlb's vinegar in my rinse cyle for my babies clothes, by orders of my doctor, because my son had such sensitive skin. It worked!
  • Valorie Chapman
    Valorie Chapman Veblen, SD
    I have been using just vinegar in the rinse for a few years now. Works Great and never a smell. Does work better than sheets.

  • Heather
    Heather Stanton, KY
    Vinegar and baking soda mixed together makes water and salt. I wish people would quit posting tips to mix them together. Vinegar is a fine avid to clean with and baking soda is great as a base. When you mix them together, you neutralize them both and
  • Ely
    Ely United Kingdom
    I have stopped using fabric softener and started to use white vinegar. Now the house and laundry do not smell of artificial perfume, plus my eczema has improved at lot.
Chaya K