DIY Thanksgiving Table Runner

DIY 11.28.15
Create a fun Thanksgiving table runner that is a special thing to pull out every year!
I think it is so fun to watch the hand prints get bigger through the years.
I took an old creme table runner from Ikea. It had a few stains, so what a perfect way to cover up those stains with some cute hand prints! You can use any light colored, solid table runner as your base.
I then got some bright colored fabric paint at my local craft store. I used a brush and painted it directly onto my kids hands. I then quickly pressed their hand onto my table runner. Note: baby wipes are helpful to have on hand to quickly wipe the kids hands off, before they get up and you have "turkeys" other places in your home.
I then embellished the hand prints to look like turkeys. We have now done this for enough years, where the kids embellish the turkeys on their own. I let the kids choose their favorite color for the turkey. It's fun to watch the kids' colors changes through the years as we add more turkeys every year. It is also fun to see how their hand writing changes as well.
This is one of my favorite items to see my kids grow. It's grown into a fun tradition! Enjoy! Come check out another fun turkey craft we have done by clicking the link.

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