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Berry Basket Valentine

I just love Valentine's Day! It's probably my favorite holiday. I love all the red and pink colors, oh, and the chocolate. SO, I decided to combine all of my favorite things into one super simple and cute Valentine.
Materials used to make the Berry Basket Valentine:
Berry basket
Clear treat bags
Printable "You're Berry Awesome" tag (you can print them later in this post)
Tissue paper
Paper bow
I found some red paper berry baskets at Michael's in the 75% off Christmas items. Props to the person who came up with having the color red for celebrating both Christmas and Valentines. Anyways, I thought these baskets would be perfect to make into a Valentine's Day treat. Don't worry if you can't find red berry baskets; most craft stores sell some type of basket like these.
Next, comes the best part. Chocolate! I used small clear treat bags and filled them with colorful Valentine's Day chocolate. I used black and white twine to tie the top of the bag closed. I added a paper bow over top the twine just for some extra cuteness.
I made some free printable "You're Berry Awesome" tags to attach to the basket. Valentine's Day is cheesy and full of puns, right?! You can print the tags and cut them out how you like. I attached the tag using a clothespin.
To print the tags head over to

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