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Creativity with Epsom Salts

This is a workshop I did for 250 women last year on Epsom Salts, and it's many creative uses. Have a peek at all the different easy ways I decorated with Epsom Salt!
  • Sweet Inspirations by JP
    Sweet Inspirations by JP Bolivia, NC
    on Nov 24, 2012

    Love all of these great ideas!

  • Maria McCallum
    Maria McCallum Canada
    on Nov 24, 2012

    Tanya, these ideas are so simple and awesome. I love your big smile and usually at all women's get-togethers, there are happy times. Merry Christmas and God bless!

  • Arlene
    Arlene Summerfield, NC
    on Sep 19, 2013

    I am having trouble getting to your instruction page. please help me

  • Jean Vercler
    Jean Vercler Pontiac, IL
    on Sep 19, 2013

    awesome!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  • Lynne
    Lynne Detroit, MI
    on Nov 9, 2013

    i'm so happy i went to your site, these ideas are great..i love christmas and making. i can make these for gifts..thank you for instructions

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