Creativity with Epsom Salts

This is a workshop I did for 250 women last year on Epsom Salts, and it's many creative uses. Have a peek at all the different easy ways I decorated with Epsom Salt!

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  • Lynne
    Lynne Detroit, MI
    i'm so happy i went to your site, these ideas are great..i love christmas and making. i can make these for gifts..thank you for instructions
  • Bee Souza
    Bee Souza Kapolei, HI
    Thanks for sharing your great ideas from your state to mine here in Hawaii!
  • Debbie Boltz
    Debbie Boltz Waterloo, IA
    Nice but I wondered about the salt falling off. Some of your pictures have loose salt on the trays. Do you suppose you could seal them with a clear coat spray?
    • Cheryl Clifton
      Cheryl Clifton Temperance, MI
      You can seal them with clear polyeurathane. I use two coats letting them dry in between coats. You will still have a bit of fall off but it's much better than without a sealer. Always use a dish, tray etc under salted candles
  • Ana
    Ana Mableton, GA
    Cool idea.
  • Sheila D
    Sheila D Crystal River, FL
    Can you still burn the candles with the modge podge?? it flamable? Love the look-you dun good!! :)
Tanya P