Beautiful Murals 04.07.14

Seashell Beeswax Tea Lights

These tea lights are a beautiful gift idea and look just beachy in glass candle bowls filled with sand and shells. From the eBook: Garden Therapy Handmade Gifts: How to Make Simple and Beautiful Skincare, Candles, Living Gifts, and More!

To see more: http://gardentherapy.ca/seashell-beeswax-tealights/

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  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    So that is what you do with all those shells you pick up on the beach! Great idea.
  • Terralee G Citrus Heights, CA
    i love this idea. Now, i have a new way to use my collection of shells.
  • Denise Allen Wasilla, AK
    I have done this. Was so much fun. time to do it again.
  • Great idea!
  • Lannie Hagan Broomfield, CO
    Great idea! Thanks for sharing!
  • So shell chic! For anywone interested, there are many more inspirational examples to view on Completely Coastal with links to tutorials: http://www.completely-coastal.com/2009/10/ma...
  • Aquascape Inc. Saint Charles, IL
    Love this idea!
  • Wonderful idea.