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Making birdbaths for Christmas gifts

I am back from Michigan and enjoying the beautiful Texas weather. Working in the yard and whipping it back into shape after my three month absence. My children have inhereted my love of gardening so I have decided to make them birdbaths for their gardens.
  • SK on Elderberry
    SK on Elderberry Bonners Ferry, ID
    on Nov 2, 2014

    What a great gift idea. Thanks for sharing. sk

  • Victoria
    Victoria Lockhart, TX
    on Nov 13, 2014

    Thanks SK, if you try it you'll find it's pretty easy.

  • Jessica Byrnes
    Jessica Byrnes Dove Creek, CO
    on Nov 2, 2015

    Amazing - and beautiful.

    • Victoria
      Victoria Lockhart, TX
      on Nov 20, 2015

      @Jessica Byrnes thank you very much :)

  • Kelly
    Kelly Wellesley Island, NY
    on Nov 1, 2016

    I love this idea but a couple questions; what type of leaf may I substitute for the one you've used...does it have to be a real leaf? Secondly after the concrete has dried 100% how do you peal the leaf away?

  • Victoria
    Victoria Lockhart, TX
    on Nov 13, 2016

    Hi Kelly. I have only used real leafs as they deteriorate and you can scrub them away with a hose and a brush. Any larger leaf will do, banana, elephant ear, rhubarb, or you can use smaller leaves and overlap them. Perhaps an artificial one will work if you grease it up first with something like vaseline.

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