• Julia Hammond
    HI do you have any suggestions for a base and how I might attach one?
    • Victoria
      Victoria Lockhart, TX
      Julia Hammond I made a base once. I had a wooden porch pillar that was hollow. When I made my birdbath I added a "Post" made of the cement to the base of the leaf. It was made
  • Susan
    Susan Lawrence, KS
    How long did it take for the cement to dry thoroughly?
    • Victoria
      Victoria Lockhart, TX
      Susan I left it for a week before I unwrapped it. A month before I sealed it but it is all guess work on my part. :)
  • SK on Elderberry
    SK on Elderberry Bonners Ferry, ID
    What a great gift idea. Thanks for sharing. sk
  • Victoria
    Victoria Lockhart, TX
    Thanks SK, if you try it you'll find it's pretty easy.
  • Jessica Byrnes
    Jessica Byrnes Dove Creek, CO
    Amazing - and beautiful.