Making birdbaths for Christmas gifts

Garden 04.19.16
I am back from Michigan and enjoying the beautiful Texas weather. Working in the yard and whipping it back into shape after my three month absence. My children have inhereted my love of gardening so I have decided to make them birdbaths for their gardens.

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  • Julia Hammond
    HI do you have any suggestions for a base and how I might attach one?
    • Victoria
      Victoria Lockhart, TX
      Julia Hammond I made a base once. I had a wooden porch pillar that was hollow. When I made my birdbath I added a "Post" made of the cement to the base of the leaf. It was made
  • Susan
    Susan Lawrence, KS
    How long did it take for the cement to dry thoroughly?
    • Victoria
      Victoria Lockhart, TX
      Susan I left it for a week before I unwrapped it. A month before I sealed it but it is all guess work on my part. :)
  • SK on Elderberry
    SK on Elderberry Bonners Ferry, ID
    What a great gift idea. Thanks for sharing. sk
  • Victoria
    Victoria Lockhart, TX
    Thanks SK, if you try it you'll find it's pretty easy.
  • Jessica Byrnes
    Jessica Byrnes Dove Creek, CO
    Amazing - and beautiful.