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  • Cindy
    Cindy Acworth, GA
    I love this am going to make one
  • Cindy Luby
    Cindy Luby Plano, TX
    I really like this. My top broke on my bird bath and you can't just buy the top. Your a genius. lc
  • Cindy
    Cindy Acworth, GA
    This is beautiful Victoria. Do you have any picts that show it in your garden?
  • Cindy
    Cindy Acworth, GA
    I am also curious how you removed the clumping concrete from the orioginal pict of the bath?
  • Victoria
    Victoria Lockhart, TX
    If I understand your question, I did not remove it. I did that on purpose as I wanted to make it look centuries old and worn. This is where I allowed the cement to run over the edge of the leaf and clump in the mulch. Normally I use sand and clean up the
  • Victoria
    Victoria Lockhart, TX
    Just saw post about fountains. When using the castor beans I did some with the stem left long and when I pulled the leaf off it had a natural opening for the pump hose. You can use a wooden dowel or I suppose a stick for the same purpose. I just made a
  • Sunshineintampa
    sunshineintampa Wesley Chapel, FL
    OMG thanks for sharing! Now I cant wait to play with concrete and make a few.
  • Sherie Walden
    Sherie Walden Purcell, OK
    I used the reverse concept to make stepping stones several years ago. they turned out wonderful. I may try this one this summer. this kind of thing is so much fun.
  • Katie
    Katie Canada
    This is so cool, Victoria! As soon as the 4 feet of snow is gone at my house, I'm going to make one of these. Well, I'll have to wait for the rhubarb and sunflowers :-)
  • Sharon S Smith
    Sharon S Smith Marks, MS
    I work with children ages 8-14 do you think they could do this?
  • Lisa
    Lisa New Hartford, CT
    I am definitely going to try this come summer. What a wonderful idea!
  • Julia Hammond
    HI do you have any suggestions for a base and how I might attach one?
    • Victoria
      Victoria Lockhart, TX
      Julia Hammond I made a base once. I had a wooden porch pillar that was hollow. When I made my birdbath I added a "Post" made of the cement to the base of the leaf. It was made
  • Susan
    Susan Lawrence, KS
    How long did it take for the cement to dry thoroughly?
    • Victoria
      Victoria Lockhart, TX
      Susan I left it for a week before I unwrapped it. A month before I sealed it but it is all guess work on my part. :)
  • SK Sartell, Pro
    SK Sartell, Pro Salem, OR
    What a great gift idea. Thanks for sharing. sk
  • Victoria
    Victoria Lockhart, TX
    Thanks SK, if you try it you'll find it's pretty easy.

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