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PHOTO PROPS 03.04.15
Exciting news! Do you want to watch Karen - The Graphics Fairy LIVE today? She is sharing her techniques for printing graphics onto almost any surface. All you need to do is click on this link at 3:00 p.m. EST to watch! I will be there, along with FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna to ask tons of questions :-) Hope to see you there!
  • Becky
    Becky Blair, NE
    Thanks Tina. I'll watch it later and write notes this time. It was fun. Thanks for the heads up Miriam.
  • Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule
    Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule Virginia Beach, VA
    I missed the show earlier today but I just finished watching it! It was great! I love learning new ways to use those beautiful graphics.
  • Susan S
    Susan S Fredericksburg, VA
    Awwww darn!! I deliberately DID NOT even open the computer today cause once I do it's all over with as far as accomplishing anything!! Shoot!! That'll learn me durn me!! LOL
  • Sharron W
    Sharron W Memphis, TN
    Susan S You can still go to the youtube link and watch's great!
  • Sharon @ mrs. hines class
    just watched it. great job, Karen. You're so generous to share not only the graphics but ideas and tutorials. Anytime I visit your blog, I'm there for hours.
  • Bernice H
    Bernice H New York, NY
    Yikes I missed it we have the youtube link handy?
  • Anita @ Cedar Hill Farmhouse
    Oh my computer was wonky yesterday. I thought I already posted a comment here. This was a wonderful tutorial Karen - The Graphics Fairy. I am very excited about trying these
  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch so glad you enjoyed it! We will definitely be doing more of these. Thanks for posting the YouTube link Sharron W!
  • Susan S
    Susan S Fredericksburg, VA
    Thanks so much for the link Sharron!! I'm definitely going to watch it!
  • Tricia @ Simplicity In The South
    Thank you so much for the link! I've been wanting to try the transfer paper and now I know which one to buy. Coincidence, I used Karen's "Joy To The World" graphic that she showed in the video in my post on Monday! I used it to print on burlap. Can't
  • Laura Garcia
    Laura Garcia Danville, CA
    Awesome video! So fun to watch you ladies "in person" rather than just seeing your little 1 inch head shot! Love the tutorial and will definately be trying some of these inspiring methods for graphics transferring. Thanks for posting and sharing!!
  • Betsy@Coastal-Colors
    It is a wonderful video! It's fun to see all the great ideas! Thanks for the shout out on graphic transfers, Anita! :-)
  • Karen - The Graphics Fairy
    Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch Oh weird, I think you did post this already, because I remember responding to it! Anyway, thanks again Anita, I hope you have fun trying out the techniques!
  • Bernice H
    Bernice H New York, NY
    I am such a dweeb, I was thinking of the time difference ..3pm NY being 6pm here..dweeb was as Miriam I said, 3 pm is nooooon here! Going back to bed!!
Miriam I