The Opossum is the only marsupial (pouched animal) native to the United States. It has a white face with 50 pointy teeth, grayish-white loose fur and a scaly long tail (used as a fifth limb). Adults measure about 2.5 feet in length and 1 foot in height. They look like big Rats, but are not related to them in any way, but are closely related to the Kangaroo & Koala. Females can give birth up to twice a year (typically 5-8 in a litter). These babies are very tiny, about the size of honeybees. They will immediately crawl into the mother's pouch after birth, where they continue to develop (usually about 4 months of age when they are ready to leave the pouch). Opossums are scavengers and eat almost anything, including fruits & vegetables, snails/slugs, snakes, a wide variety of insects, garbage and dead animals of all types. They also catch and eat rats & mice, in some way they help maintain a clean & healthy environment and have a naturally high level of immunity to most diseases, including rabies, but can carry fleas ,as do most domestic animals. Opossums are nocturnal and typically go about their quiet task late at night. They are also excellent tree climbers but cannot jump and sometimes get trapped in trash cans and other containers. Opossums do not dig holes/destroy properties and are non-territorial. They are always on the move and adapt to any environment where food,

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  • Nadlou
    Nadlou San Bernardino, CA
    Just to add to my earlier post - I've had several possums get into my house where I live in a regular neighborhood. I've picked them up by their prehensile tales and hurried them outside to drop them in the grass. They can't reach your hand although they
  • Janet F
    Janet F Lodi, CA
    not everything in life is beautiful but I believe they have a purpose. A friend of mine has them coming into the house through the cat door, eating cat food and sleeping on the couch with the cats. Not sure I want to be that up close and personal with
  • Karen N
    Karen N Mount Prospect, IL
    We have posssums in our neighborhood, but I have not ever had any problems with them by my home. My neighbor, however, mast have his/her home "marked". They have had mice inbtween walls, racoons in their attic, chipmunks eating away at their garage
  • Clare J White
    Clare J White Portland, OR
    We own one of those jungle cats that would leave presents and bring his pals through the cat door. The cat door shuts at dusk but sometimes we missed the time. That darn cat brought in a baby possum, it was playing dead so it got scooped up with a towel
  • Joan A
    Joan A Warrensburg, MO
    My dad grew up in Oklahoma and his family was poor. They ate opossums. He said they tasted great just very greasy. He used to pester me to cook one. I finally told him I would if he killed and cleaned it. I never heard about it again.
  • Jackie
    Jackie Arcadia, FL
    Thanks for the advice on horses.......we had a possum get stuck in our garbage can a few days ago. Next day a neighbor pulls out a garbage bag in the back of her car, and I asked her what it was...a possum she shot to give another lady, to cook, said she
  • Mary H
    Mary H Randolph A F B, TX
    They are ugly. I have them in my back yard. I just leave them alone and they don't bother anything un like the Raccoon that visits my yard and eats my Koi.
  • Janet V
    Janet V Los Angeles, CA
    I live in Los Angeles on a hillside and if I'm not careful about closing the screen doors possums and field mice come in. A couple of years ago I heard some scratching under the bed and to my horror, there was a possum playing dead in my yarn stash, very
  • Nadlou
    Nadlou San Bernardino, CA
    My sister is a certified possum rescuer in the southern California area. These creatures are much more beneficial than not and I have several that visit my compost heap and fruit trees. I've even had several possum illegal entries into my house all with
  • Joan A
    Joan A Warrensburg, MO
    I live in Missouri on 4 acres. Our winters are unpredictable. Some not bad while others can be harsh. I have never heard of a mole plant, Sheila.
  • Carol Gates
    Carol Gates Kansas City, MO
    Possums are gentle creatures that definitely have their place in the ecosystem. I had one who would hang out in a tree and accept a banana from my hands.
  • Sheila Parizo
    Sheila Parizo Derby, CT
    Joan - I work at a Garden Center and we sell "Mole Plants" - there is something in the oils of the plants that repel moles. One plant will cover 40 feet - I planted 1 plant at each corner of my property (1/3 acre) and within a week - the moles had moved
  • Judy H
    Judy H Cincinnati, OH
    I have seen them scavenge for dropped seed on the ground around the bird feeder,late at night, and once found a very small one sleeping in an old tire in the shed and one small one in the cage with my quail. They seem pretty harmless. They have some
  • Nanette F
    Nanette F Mount Juliet, TN
    leave them alone and keep food sources contained, same with skunks. They r great scavengers so they will muddle around but generally won't bother anythimg unless they r ill or very hungry. I've chased one out of the garage and have also rescued a baby
  • Diane H
    Diane H New Braunfels, TX
    Possums are like bats on the ground. They eat lots of bugs we don't like..... Possums and raccoons are the best grub control there is! During the June bug season, leave your back porch light on all night to attract the beatles... the possums and coons
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