The Opossum is the only marsupial (pouched animal) native to the United States. It has a white face with 50 pointy teeth, grayish-white loose fur and a scaly long tail (used as a fifth limb). Adults measure about 2.5 feet in length and 1 foot in height. They look like big Rats, but are not related to them in any way, but are closely related to the Kangaroo & Koala. Females can give birth up to twice a year (typically 5-8 in a litter). These babies are very tiny, about the size of honeybees. They will immediately crawl into the mother's pouch after birth, where they continue to develop (usually about 4 months of age when they are ready to leave the pouch). Opossums are scavengers and eat almost anything, including fruits & vegetables, snails/slugs, snakes, a wide variety of insects, garbage and dead animals of all types. They also catch and eat rats & mice, in some way they help maintain a clean & healthy environment and have a naturally high level of immunity to most diseases, including rabies, but can carry fleas ,as do most domestic animals. Opossums are nocturnal and typically go about their quiet task late at night. They are also excellent tree climbers but cannot jump and sometimes get trapped in trash cans and other containers. Opossums do not dig holes/destroy properties and are non-territorial. They are always on the move and adapt to any environment where food,
  • Sioux Pingree
    Sioux Pingree Newmarket, NH
    If you own a horse, PLEASE BEWARE of opossums. Their dropping carry a parasite called EPM (Equine Protozoan something). I had a beautiful horse who suddenly became very sick, no meds worked and eventually her central nervous system was attacked and she
  • Patricia Clark
    Patricia Clark Coatesville, PA
    I had one that came around every night for her dry cat food. I didn't see her for awhile. And then I saw her with all her babies on her back in the yard. She was actually a pretty one, mostly all white.
  • Becky H
    Becky H Tampa, FL
    We always have an opossum hanging around here; they've had a litter every year, and I like having them here. Their diets agree w/me since they help control rodents and pests.
  • Karen Aber Ploransky
    There was a dead one on the side of my garage! freaked me out!

  • Aleta Lindsay
    Aleta Lindsay Covington, LA
    I'm sure some of you will be appalled but my hubby and I raised a little possom. She was still on her mothers back when a bush hog, cutting grass around the power plant where my husband worked, ran over mom and siblings. Blossom was the only one left
  • Joan A
    Joan A Warrensburg, MO
    Please put moles on your list to. I keep reading a lot about them but maybe I messed something. I don't want to use any sort of a poison on my land so we bought traps. I also keep reading about putting out stuff to kill the grubs. However from what I
  • Diy Design Fanatic
    diy Design Fanatic Charlotte, NC
    We had a litter of 9 opossums in our unfinished basement. Mama possum died, so we built a cage for the babies and took care of them until they were old enough to be released into the woods. http://diydesignfanatic.blogspot.com/2010/04/...
  • Domestically Speaking
    We had one that decided to live in our garage. It was loving the cat food and made itself a cozy bed... Husband caught it and took it away.
  • Angela Carrera
    Angela Carrera Beachwood, NJ
    and they are ugly as sin!!!! I have two that come around, one smaller, one larger....I throw water at them....but that doesn't really deter them. I have got to stop feeding my outside kitties in the evening!!!! otherwise, glad they're not in the rat
  • Shannon McIntosh Murdock
    I used to have possums that would come up and eat with the cats on the back porch and get in the cat houses. ha ha They really are quite docile things.
  • A-1 Watkins Pest & Termite Control
    Carroll...I will put Raccoons on the list of upcoming posts.
  • A-1 Watkins Pest & Termite Control
    Thanks for the positive feedback on our posts!
  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Excellent post. One night I even saw a possum on the beach while I was on a moonlit walk. Did not expect that!
  • Sherrie S
    Sherrie S Debary, FL
    A-1 Watkins Pest & Termite Control I'm glad you posted. Most people want to remove or destroy animals they know nothing about. I admit they ain't pretty & when I saw one I
  • Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    Thanks A-1. I always learn so much from your posts. And Ellen H, sounds like you got some good advice already from this post.
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