Striped Skunk

Striped Skunks are easily recognized by their unique color & pattern; black fur with a white stripe that begins as a triangular shape on the top of the head and splits into two stripes that travel down the sides of the back and come together again near the base of the tail. They also have a white stripe running from their nose between their eyes and ending on their forehead. Striped Skunks are about the size of a house cat, with a small head, small ears, short legs and a long, fluffy tail. They can be found throughout much of North America, Canada and Mexico and prefer open areas with a mixture of habitats such as woods, grasslands, farms and suburban areas that are near water sources. They usually nest in burrows constructed by other animals, but can also live in hollow logs, under fences/walls, in drainage pipes, ditches, under mobile homes, crawl spaces, porches or even vacant buildings. When the weather is warm, they choose resting areas above ground and during he coldest parts of winter, they prefer underground areas, where they will spend most of their time. Striped Skunks breed from late-February to mid-March and the females will give birth 59-77 days afterward. Skunk litters average 6, helpless baby kits. Theses babies are blind, deaf and hairless when they are born and very noisy, uttering a twittering sound. They don't open their eyes or ears until they are

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  • Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    Infant skunks blindly spraying musk??!! Sounds awful. And I thought my baby was a stinky mess sometimes.
  • Audrey G
    Audrey G Utica, NY
    serious info, thank you! i live in a small 'city' but have seen quite a few skunks in the neighborhood very early in the mornings over the past few yrs. Once I saw a 'family ' of them trotting down the street! It was quite a cute sight actually. Three
  • A-1 Watkins Pest & Termite Control
    Your very welcome
  • Grady
    Grady Evergreen, CO
    Useful info. Thanks a ton.
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