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Project Drying Rack

Jacque inherited all of her grandfathers antique window washing ladders. They come in various sizes. We decided that our laundry room would be a great place to hang one up to serve as a drying rack for clothes that can't go in the dryer. It works great and hangs high and out of the way.
This is a super awesome idea to see it you will have to head to your website! Check out our laundry room home tour to catch a glimpse!
Difficulty: Easy
  • laundry room ladder drying rack, laundry rooms, repurposing upcycling

To see more: http://www.thediyvillage.com/2012/02/laundry-room-reveal-going-vertical.html

Have Questions About This Post?

  • Marlee
    Marlee Hampshire, IL

    Jacque, laundry room looks grea! Can you tell me how your husband attached the cabinets to the wall? Also did you use the front of the cabinet as the side you attached to the wall? Thanks

  • Juanita
    Juanita North Haven, CT

    I didn't have to use a pulley system because my basement ceiling is low enough for me to reach and in an out of the way corner I use the side railing of a baby crib and it works great.

  • Donalda
    Donalda Canada

    Reminds me of the drying rack my grandparents had in their house. However, it actually had ropes that allowed it to be raised and lowered - another idea that could be added to this clever one. (Pully system)

  • Karen Colton
    Karen Colton Grand Blanc, MI

    I am saving this page I want to do the ladder thing but ON M
    MY BALCONY I miss not having a clothes line

    • Jacque & Matt @ theDIYvillage.com
      Jacque & Matt @... Savannah, GA

      @Karen Colton It works great! we even used it for drying out snow gear this winter!

  • Laurie
    Laurie Westland, MI

    I have a new house...first floor laundry, yippee....small though...I hang 90% of my clothes for the last bit of drying. I am thinking this ladder, which I like the look of, may be my practical solution. Thanks for a new idea.