DIY Burlap Christmas Tree Garland

Christmas 08.20.15
I got 300 feet of 4" wide burlap for under $10 and then I made this Burlap Christmas Tree Ribbon Wrap... Complete tutorial and where to get the burlap deal is on my blog -

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  • Lillianmckenzi51
    where can you buy the stencil for merry christmas
    • Nancy Spencer Carlson
      Lill The stencil in this post was handmade on a Cricut Cutter. However, it should be easy to find a stencil at Joann's or Michael's or AC Moores.
  • Dodou
    dodou New Iberia, LA
    I just bought one @ our local Hobby Lobby craft store
  • Bre
    Bre Fairfield, OH
    U bought a cricut at hobby lobby do u mean dodou?
  • Bre
    Bre Fairfield, OH
    dodou sorry.
  • Meredith
    Meredith Denton, TX
    Bought a "skinny" tree from Home Depot yesterday and this banner will complete its rustic, earthy magic!! Headed to Hobby Lobby after work!!!
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