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Growing A Garden {A How-To for a Fenced Backyard Garden}

After seeing a beautiful fenced garden in a book...I wanted a garden for our backyard. It was a DIY labor of love...This garden grows the best vegetables and fresh flowers...it teaches the best lessons to our kids about where our food comes from too. Every February, I start thinking about what we'll grow.
...Did we have the room?? Would it be worth the time and trouble?? Could we build it ourselves?? And yes... It was a great idea, a great addition to our yard and every summer when we harvest our own vegetables and flowers...we are reminded that the garden is so worth our time!
We tested the 'garden' idea by first putting a raised garden bed in the backyard. We wanted to see if it took up too much room and if the sunlight would be plentiful...it looked good, so we moved forward with the fence. We were aiming for a fence that would act like a screen, so toward the end of the growing season...the garden still would look beautiful... not tired and worn out --as late summer gardens tend to look. The fence helps keep the garden looking it's best--all season long.
We rented a two-person auger from a tool rental business. I lovingly referred to it as "the team-builder"...if you don't know about team work...you will, after operating one of these beauties. It was a hard afternoon of work..but to be fair, we did also pick the hottest day of the year for this project. We measured first where each post would be placed and then using the auger, created post holes.
Job well done.
The posts are being leveled.
We purchased picket fencing from the hardware store. Our yard gently slopes, so we had to rack a few of the pieces to follow the contour of the land. There are many available websites dedicated to "racking" and how to properly handle slopes.
Nearly complete. We finished the fence with white paint. I used exterior white deck paint. It has held up beautifully.
Ready for all the growing to begin!
Some of our weekly harvest from last summer.
Flowers from the garden...

To see more: http://blueribbonkitchen.blogspot.com/2014/01/growing-garden-from-seed-of-inspiration.html

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