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  • Mickey B. & Boo Boo

    Cute idea & kid friendly <3 sharing...TY

  • Mickey B. & Boo Boo

    Why can't I post this to my pinterest board?

    • Laura, Pet Scribbles
      Laura, Pet Scribbles Little Egg Harbor, NJ

      @Mickey B. & Boo Boo Not sure. It works for me. If it continues to happen, I'd suggest sending an email to the helpful people here at Hometalk! :)

  • Roxene
    Roxene Somerdale, NJ

    I saw these, but couldn't find the wooden pots, but I found tiny terra cotta ones and did this. They came out fantastic. My sister took four (I made twelve) and my two granddaughters took the six because I painted them in the colors of their rooms.

  • Phillipcardjr
    Phillipcardjr Endicott, NY

    The pinecones I have ready access to are about the size of a marshmallow. So with your nice project and some creamer or K cups I can make a couple. Thank you.

  • Nanci
    Nanci Scottsdale, AZ

    Years ago my daughter made something similar to these using decorated muffin paper cups. Filled them with some plaster of paris, and stuck in pinecones that were decorated with glitter - instant Christmas trees!

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