DIY Double Bunk Bed Design

JORDANNS ROOM 6 days ago
My husband built these double bunk beds for our cabin to accommodate lots of guests. The stairs in between make it easier for even adults to get in and out of. The treads also lift up for storage underneath.

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  • Rosemary Danforth Barrett
    really great!
  • Myra
    myra Seffner, FL
    The only thing I would have added is rolling drawers under the bottom bunks. This would hide the guests luggage while keeping it handy. The drawers would allow for more storage and less dust,making less work for you.
  • Claire
    Claire San Angelo, TX
    Lucky girl! I'd say your husband is a keeper. :)
  • Eliane
    Eliane San Ramon, CA
    Beautiful ! You are so luck ! Also looks very restoration hardware ! 😍
  • Linda
    Linda Roberts, IL
    Linda Roberts, IL

    They look great. Those stairs would be a lot safer to get up than those ladders they usually have. Those would be ideal for

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