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Party Ideas 09.02.14
It's party season - here are my tips on enjoying the party and your guests!

1) Music - get in the party mood

2) Cocktails - a signature cocktail and wine instead of full bar

3) Food - make ahead as much as possible and not the time for trying new recipes

4) Candles - sets a festive mood

5) Simple Decorations - look in your pantry for what's on hand like marshmallows in my cloche!

See more here:

  • 5) Simple Decorations & 4) Candles - Elevate something simple to give it importance like this cloche from @Wayfair filled with marshmallows. My white Christmas (also from @Wayfair) tree full of vintage mason jars is the focal point!
  • 3) Food - simple recipes that you can make ahead are key like these rosemary walnuts (find the recipe at
  • 3) Food - set out supplies (like this coffee bar) before the party so you're not scrambling for mugs or sugar at last minute
  • 2) Make a festive cocktail and set out glasses and wine and water on a tray for an instant makeshift bar
  • 5) Simple Decorations - a fun touch for this milestone birthday includes a picture walk down memory lane
Eclectically Vintage - Kelly

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