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I wanted to cover my dated ugly green counter tops, I first used Rustoleum counter top paint. Highly dissatisfied with the results, I could never recommend the product. It was thick, hard to roll, bubbled and there was no way you could go over or touch up an area. Plus the paint is toxic smelling! Absolutely horrid! I ended up redoing the tops with home made chalk paint and clear sealer. Blog shows more details and you will find the first link as well as the redo on the right side bar in top 10 posts.
  • finished. chalk paint with clear sealant, much much better!
  • I first used Rustoleum counter paint, the results were disastrous, with chipping, bubbles and over all poor finish
  • bubbles that occurred with Rustoleum countertop paint
  • many flaws appeared and any retouch or area where you went back over the paint, even while wet made a terrible finish.
  • oh! that green had to go!

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  • Sandra
    Sandra Fort Myers, FL
    I did my cabinets and counter top with a product called counter top magic..they came out beautiful..then i fauxed the counter top in white marble ...great results and that was 4 months ago..holding up well..coated wit a water based poly..very little
    • Sharon
      Sharon Oakland, ME
      Sandra what I can find online for countertop magic is that it is a cleaner, did you use that or a paint product? thanks
  • Sandra
    Sandra Fort Myers, FL
    I got it at home depot it comes in a quart size can..usually for under 20.00..also you can have it tinted. hope this helps and happy painting..oh and p.s. a few years ago i painted an old bench that I found in the trash with it and it is outside in the
  • Cheryl
    Cheryl Sicklerville, NJ
    was anyone able to find this paint? I can't find it
  • Quinci
    Quinci Warner Robins, GA
    Does anyone know how to remove the rustoleum counter top paint? I painted mine and now wish I could get back the original counter. It's a laminate counter
  • Ann
    Ann Stuart, FL
    Has anyone used Gini countertop refinishing
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