Make A Christmas Tree Crate (Hide that Ugly Stand)

For years I have hated the green and red plastic monster under the Christmas tree. I have tried to hide it, ignore it, come to terms with it...but nothing works.BUT not this year. In about 2 hours total, I whipped up a simple rustic crate (about a 26" x 26" square) to house the tree...best yet I do not have to look at the ugly stand but get the peace of mind of knowing that plastic monster is protect my hardwood floors from water damage etc.

I only needed 5 pieces of 1x4x10 pine cut into the right dimensions (6 - 26", 9 - 25") about 2 dozen +/- wood screws, some wood stain and paint to create this Christmas Tree crate that look as though it could have fallen off Santa's sled.

To see more: http://www.504main.com/2012/12/diy-christmas-tree-crate.html

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  • Heidi Reynolds Pontiac, IL
    how did you do your lettering?
  • Holly Lefevre Pacific Grove, CA
    Heidi Reynolds - I used a stencil, stencil brush and white paint...and then a lot of sanding after it was dry. All of the details are on the blog post: http://www.504main.com/2012/12/diy-christmas...
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