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  • Thanks Suzy H! I hope you have a chance to try this, it really is fun and easy!
  • Thank you Petticoat Junktion! You can color them too, after you bleach them, but I really liked the creamy white ones.
  • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    It is important to rinse these well, strong bases like bleach, are really hard to rinse well. When I worked in Biotech we would follow our caustic cleaning with a touch of acid. This helps with the neutralization and aids rinsing. In this case a touch of
  • Petticoat Junktion Clarksville, TN
    I think I like the white best too or maybe a really pale blue or soft pink might be cute.
  • KMS Woodworks Yes I agree, I do show a step for rinsing/soaking out the bleach afterwards on my post. Thanks for the tip about the vinegar!
  • Petticoat Junktion I think pastels would be pretty!
  • Teresa Murfreesboro, TN
    So pretty.
  • Lorraine F Virginia Beach, VA
    These are so pretty! My SIL does this for her primitive decor business. Some trees won't bleach but the ones in that bag are her favorites too. She said they ALWAYS work!
  • What a great idea. I love them.
  • so pretty Karen. Where did you find the big bag of bottle brush trees? I've been looking everywhere!....ooops nevermind, saw in your post!
  • Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule Virginia Beach, VA
    So cool.They turned out so lovely! I just love transformations like this!
  • LOVE those creamy whites!
  • Thanks for your sweet comments everyone!!
  • Wow, I had no idea you could bleach them- they look great! Love the pearls, too!