Painted upholstered chairs

Over the summer, I paid $6 each for a set of chairs at an estate sale. The colors and pattern wasn't working with the rest of my home and I have plans to sew slip covers. But a spur of the moment decision was made to paint them when I was decorating for Christmas.

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  • DIY Show Off
    DIY Show Off Pittsburgh, PA
    Since I didn't use fabric medium, V Valencia, they have more of a vinyl feel...which I'm actually liking (no cat hair). In the link to my tutorial above, I share a link to another site that used fabric medium with good results too. Hope that helps!
  • Heather (The Wilson Farm)
    These look wonderful! I love the final product, you did a wonderful job! I painted a couch about 2 years ago and we still use it daily and it still looks wonderful. I'm working on some chairs right now that I found at Goodwill! I love painting furniture
  • Sue@CountryDesignHome
    Sue@CountryDesignHome Wakefield, MA
    I really like the look of the finished chairs! And the matching pillows-very cool. For $6 and a little sweat equity, you've essentially got brand new chairs. Well done!
  • Susan burns
    Susan burns Saint Charles, MO
    Lov it but did h do anything where it look worn on the arms n seat
  • Susanroy36
    Susanroy36 Florence, MT
    Love your bravery. Very nice job.
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