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Shared Kids Room

My son and my daughter share a room so it's always a fun challenge to decorate with both of them in mind! This room has slowly been shifting to better meet our needs, but it all started with those DIY Roman shades. I love the fabric and the blues and the greens, and from there... I've just been experimenting. The most recent version of this room set up is one that I LOVE. It's the brightest, cheeriest room in our house!
They both love to dress up so that converted mini-bureau is a great way to store their dress ups so they can 1) access everything easily and 2) put away everything easily. (In theory.) I found a giant "E" and "O" at the flea market which work perfectly in here, and that reading nook was a creation I made out of plywood in conjunction with the Home Depot.
The carpet was a collaboration with RugsUSA and it's PERFECT for the space. Bright, cheerful, fun, durable.... loving it. Earlier this year, we brought in these bunk beds to free up some floor space and they're great. The stairs at the end mean I don't worry about my 5 year-old getting out of bed in the middle of the night and struggling with a ladder and... the storage underneath is perfect! Oh, those are the leftover drawers from the dress up dresser put on wheels and used as train track storage.
They each have 2 drawers in this dresser I painted a while ago. Again, this may not be for everyone, but if you can't have fun in a kids' room where can you?! The wall was my first big stencil project and I love it. (Glad that I only did one wall... but it's perfect for the room.) Those book shelves were $10 at a church thrift store and I color blocked the insides to match the colors of the room. The floating acrylic frame is also DIY from hardware store supplies.
The love seat was another Craigslist find. When I bought it, the woman said it was in fine shape, but turns out the entire back panel of fabric was mid upholstery project (i.e. ripped apart)... thankfully, I typically reupholster furniture I buy online and this blue/ green combo worked for us in a couple of different rooms around the house before it landed in the kids' room.

To see more: http://ciburbanity.com/2015/01/08/kids-bedroom-reboot/

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