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Make Your First Fairy and Miniature Garden! Video

Fairy gardens and miniature gardens are a huge trend today!Garden designer, Shirley Bovshow teaches new gardeners, Ari and Emma how to make their first fairy and miniature gardens by selecting a theme and building upon it.
Check out the "Zen mini garden," mini cottage garden with succulent roof, a whimsical "fairy hideout" garden and a mini garden called, "The Shepherd!"
Learn about plant selection, order of construction and where to source materials. Thank you to www.WholesaleFairyGardens.com for the fairy accessories.

Got a question about this project?

  • Eden Maker Garden Design
    Eden Maker Garden Design Woodland Hills, CA

    Thank you Barb and Shelley for watching and for your comments. I can't wait to see when you post your creations!
    I really enjoy my work. Thanks for letting me share with you!

  • Cathe
    Cathe San Antonio, TX

    Love! Thx!

  • Debbie Machmer
    Debbie Machmer Canton, PA

    @Eden Maker Garden Design, I love the ideas, and I have great places for these little additions. What keeps them from being destroyed from summer rains not to mention wind?

  • Eden Maker Garden Design
    Eden Maker Garden Design Woodland Hills, CA

    Hi Debbie.
    I would place the miniature garden containers in a protected space like a covered patio during summer rains and when there are strong winds.

  • Tanja Raicic

    Exellent idea..

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