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  • An absolutely beautiful room, even without the Christmas decorations!
  • wow!
  • Thanks so much everyone for the sweet words. It was a fun room to decorate! Merry Christmas to you all!! :)
  • BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks so much Melody Drinkwater Wagner
  • Patty Rumaker Dallas, TX
    Christy, it is lovely!
  • Tammy Hengst Mechanicsburg, PA
    Beautiful English décor, but please cut the tails on the ribbons that hang down into the painting, they're covering too much of the painting imo :*) Just sayin'..... nice tone here I promise~! Merry Christmas~!
  • Denise M Pinopolis, SC
    Very elegant! Love it!
  • Ramona S Gibsonia, PA
  • Louise Biernesser Milton, FL
    The room is gorgeous in itself. Now it's just spectacular Christy !!!!!