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Curious about the affect snow can have on the safety of your deck?

One question that may pop into your mind as the snow sticks to the ground this winter is, "Can my deck handle snow build-up?" If you live in colder areas where snow can buildup, the safety of your deck can be something of a concern. For example, "The winter of 1996 saw an unusual amount of snowfall in North Dakota. As it continued to snow in the Fargo area . . . deck after deck collapsed under the weight of the accumulating snow" (Morse).
Here are a few things you can do to insure the safety of your deck under snowloads.
1. Build a structurally sound deck to begin with!
If you are building a deck it is crucial that you follow all building codes. Products byWahoo Decks, such as DryJoistEZ structural deck drainage system, comply with all current International Building Codes. Wahoo Decks also offers assistance with the engineering of building decks by providing 3rd party engineering reports for load span capabilities. Just by knowing the limitations of the decking material you are using can make the difference between having a structurally sound deck or an unstable one. Learn more about the load span of Wahoo Decks' aluminum deck materials by clicking here.
2. Seasonal Inspections
Inspecting your deck will help you catch any red-flags before they turn into a problem. It is important to inspect before winter so that you can help to prevent accidents or even a collapse. Also, check your deck before beginning to use it in the spring and summer, especially if you had a heavy snowfall during your winter months. As the saying goes, "better safe than sorry!"
Click here for great tips to go by when inspecting the safety of your deck.
3. Clear excessive snow routinely
Use materials that will not scratch or otherwise harm your decking surface (especially AridDek or other Wahoo Decks aluminum deck boards), such as, plastic shovels, push brooms, and warm water. Clearing your deck in the winter months will help prevent harm from snow and ice; it will also keep your deck looking great for spring.
Deck safety is a priority when it comes to manufacturing Wahoo Decks aluminum decking, such as, AridDek, DryJoist, DryJoistEZ, and Wahoo Rail. If you are engineering a deck that anticipates snow loads visit Wahoo Decks online. You can contact us to learn more about all of Wahoo Decks' aluminum decking products or call at 1 (877) 270-9387 if you have any questions.
Deck-Collapse-Report by Michael Morse, Brittany Corwin, Robert Morse, and Andrew Johnson
Is Your Deck Ready for Winter?
Avoid Deck Collapse: Make Sure Your Deck Can Handle Snow and Ice
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