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  • Marg C Middletown, NY
    not hard, but not easy either. I like what you've done.
  • Watch out little boys and their tree houses around the world, Organized Clutter wants your ladders! I love this!
  • Love vertical gardens with ladders. Thanks for sharing.
  • Lydia Grey Neosho, MO
    Sweet idea!
  • Margaret K Acworth, GA
    Looks really cute ~~ but with the wood up against the house and so close to the house at the ground level, all I see is a super highway for the termites to get into your house.
  • Organized Clutter International Falls, MN
    No termite problems in the north.
  • Kathy R Sparta, GA
    I was thinking termites too - LUCKY, lucky girl not to have to worry about them! Love the look!
  • Marcia Waldorf, MD
    Do you have any problems with the squirrels knocking them over or digging in the pots? Squirrels love to get into all of my pots.
  • Organized Clutter International Falls, MN
    We have a ton of squirrels in our yard. The do cause mischief too but any of my garden ladders have spikes driven into the rungs that I slip through a hole in the bottom of the pot or pail.
  • Margaret Welker Angleton, TX
    Curious as to what is the bush in front? Creative idea.
  • Organized Clutter International Falls, MN
  • Carol Brown Stockbridge, MI
    Maybe lean it against a large tree to keep termites/ants away from the house. Your choice! And, I have nightly visits from raccoons, so if I did this, they would no doubt tear it apart. I love the look, though.
  • Organized Clutter International Falls, MN
    No termites here. Too cold. More squirrel issues than raccoons here,
  • Corine M Coral, MI
    Great idea, thanks for sharing!!
  • Organized Clutter International Falls, MN
    Thanks Corine!