Need Suggestions for a Large Space Heating Issue

Our HVAC system (LONG story) has issues, our slumlord put in a less than adequate condensing unit to save money and as a result the 20 ton air handler and the 5 ton condenser are not cutting it to heat our space. We have about 6,000 sq ft and I am in desparate need of some type of portable, safe, effective that my customers don't stay away!!! HELP PLEASE

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    Are your using a heat pump? A 20 ton air handler is simply way to large for a 5 ton condensing unit. It would work for AC,although not real efficiently but on the heat pump side, simply will not work at all. What type of space is it that you have? There
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    The Robin's Nest Warner Robins, GA
    I lease commercial space and we have already been down this road. The 20 plus ton air handler is older than grandma, and the 5 ton condensing unit is new. The owner of the building's father put it in and some how rigged it to work, albeit minimally (for
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    I have some suggestions for you. Do you have access to a power panel? You can purchase electrical infrared heating that can mount below the ceiling area. It does not heat the air, but objects and people. If you have access to gas they make them that way
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    What conditions are in your lease? heat wise?

    The IRC international Residence code "requires" that the heating system can maintain 70 degrees. If this heating system is

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    I would depending upon your lease chase the landlord down to get it fixed correctly. If your loosing revenue as a result of the owner not providing proper heat, I would assume that you have some legal grounds to get them to comply. Not to mention
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