Custom Shed to complement a Craftsman Bungalow

Sharon's crafts 01.27.16
Historic Shed designed and built this potting shed for a 1920s Craftsman Bungalow in the Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood in Tampa, FL. The shed uses elements from the main house such as the low roof slope, outriggers, etc.


Time: 14 Days Difficulty: Moderate

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  • Zzzz...
    Zzzz... Albert, OK
    Oh you can bet I'll be sharing. The soonest would be this summer, but I'm not sure. Depends on his work since I'm sure it will be mostly DIY.
  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    Becky, you keep at him...wear him down...make him know how to get your way. A beautiful home and piece of proerty does not need to be ruined by a "metal barn". Now if you have a back lane that winds down behind the trees and behind a
  • Zzzz...
    Zzzz... Albert, OK
    Jeanette, you must have missed that he's already said it's a definite possibility. In fact today as we were leaving his sisters neighborhood in Central Iowa, he say a four car
  • J.Chapman
    J.Chapman Hanover, VA
    Add a loft and I could call something like that home.I think people have way more house than they need,I include myself.
    • Historic Shed
      Historic Shed Brooksville, FL
      J.Chapman We do a series of small cottages, too. Living with, and taking care of, and paying for less is very appealing.
  • J.Chapman
    J.Chapman Hanover, VA
    I will keep a watch out,and you are right.I see the small house movement doing nothing but growing,it just makes good sense,a couple,or a single person would be fools to do any different if they have land in my opinion,for the money saved if nothing
Historic Shed