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The 2013 DIY "To Do" List

It's hard to believe - but tomorrow will mark the final day of 2012. With the big ball in Times Square about to drop - it's also time for Mary and I to put up the 2013 DIY "To Do" list on the refrigerator.
We follow the same process each year. We create our own list of goals for what we feel is important for growing the farm. Once complete - we attach a number to the importance of each goal. This year, we decided to pick 24 goals - 2 to accomplish each month. Then, we sit down and read them aloud to each other. It's always amazing to see how similar our goals are – and how close we were to ranking the importance of them. We always write down a few goals the other didn't – and so we work together to come up with the best 24 - and a plan to accomplish them.
Then comes the most important part of all - we put the finished list up on the refrigerator. You see, for us - looking at those goals each and every day, in fact several times a day, serves as motivation and inspiration to attain the ultimate goal of a completely self-sufficient farm.
Some might question the need to develop a list– but we think it's a great way to be honest with yourself about what really needs to be completed, and what can wait for another day. It is amazing how seeing your goals in bold print keeps your eyes and efforts focused on what needs to be done. It's even been great for the kids to see. Yes, like any other teenagers would do, they poke a little fun at us when it goes up on the fridge. But as the year progresses, they see our goals getting crossed off - and more importantly, the results of the planning and work that went into them.
Of the 24 goals this year - the big ones are the building of the new coop, the recycled greenhouse and the sensory garden - but I am really anxious to get our very own honeybee hive as well as our first batch of wine started!
Whatever your goals for 2013 - Mary and I both wish everyone a prosperous and healthy New Year!!!

To see more: http://oldworldgardenfarms.com/2012/12/30/the-2013-goal-list-is-up-on-the-fridge/

Ask the creator about this project

  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    on Dec 31, 2012

    One's own honeybee hive would be a glorious thing to have.

  • Old World Garden Farms
    Old World Garden Farms Newark, OH
    on Dec 31, 2012

    We can't wait to be able to taste honey from our own hives! Happy New Year Douglas!

  • Stephen Andrew
    Stephen Andrew Powell, OH
    on Sep 6, 2013

    How is it that you're 40 minutes away from me and I've never visited your store! I need to come.

  • Susan
    Susan Stillwater, OK
    on Jun 19, 2014

    I followed your raised row garden how to and Wow!! My garden is beautiful and sooo productive!!!

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