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  • It looks so pretty Kim!! I love all the pops of color you used!!
  • Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    How fun. I am showing this to my neighbor, who wants a craft room, but doesn't want to spend money on it. Maybe she has all the materials sitting around, like you did.
  • Shirley S Canandaigua, NY
    It's on my list in 2013 to revamp my craft/guest room !!! You inspire me !
  • Gabriel D Canada
    What a cheery looking craftroom. You must just want to get in there and create. Well


  • Oooh I love you color theme! So happy! :)
  • Evey's Creations Califon, NJ
    LOVE this! Sooooo amazing!
  • Karen Larsen Saint Paul, MN
    I agree, this is a lovely space, and the pops of color make it a fun place to be creative. One suggestion...call it your 'art studio' or just 'studio'. Whether we paint, work with clay, fabric or whatever, we are creating 'our own' form of art and we
  • craft room, craft studio......it's all the same to me. It's still my room that I love to create in.......but I need to clean it up!!!
  • Robyn Phoenix, AZ
    Oh I love this. I want a craft room! Can I move in? :)
  • Christy D. Lake Wales, FL
    You lucky girl you. I'd love to have a room devoted to my crafty stuff. Right now It's in the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom. (Oh and items that aren't used often like some of my fabrics are stored in my sons closet.) lol
    • Christy D. I do realize I am fortunate and lucky.......but if it makes you feel any better......it's a complete disaster right now as well as my office and then I took photos in my family
    • Christy D. Lake Wales, FL
      Today's Creative Blog- Kim Demmon I know how right you are about more space more mess. lol I started with a small alcove in my room and then went to the entire half of the room and now I