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"How-to Share-a-Thon" - The Ole’ Red Cupboard with Modern Masters

One day, a few years ago while out looking for a piece to use with another project I was working on, I came across this ole red cupboard. I stopped, I looked and I pondered. I have always admired vintage furniture, but I was really wanting a change of style for the new home I had just purchased. I told myself to keep on walking, I mean after all the poor ole thing did look to be pretty worn down, right? I headed for the door in an attempt to resist the temptation of sticking with the vintage look, however halfway through the store, I knew I could not leave without it…..now I am glad I didn't!
Time: 7 Days Cost: $73.00 Difficulty: Medium
Off to storage it went, then came moving day and when I decided to go ahead and set it in the dining room, my son told me I was nuts. A new house with a junkie old cabinet! I put it there for two reason, 1. I needed the extra storage and 2. I knew it would force me to get it redone or get rid of it.
A few months passed. I had no idea of what or how I wanted to make it over, then other projects took the place of the Ole’ Red up-cycle. My company always commented on it, some loved it and others, well they probably thought the same as my son, but I knew someday the right plan would come along and Ole’ Red would become new again.
Thanks to the wonderful folks and members of Hometalk. I was able to collect many wonderful ideas for my cupboard, yet I still wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it.
Then one day after submitting one of my Christmas gift projects, the folks at Hometalk contacted me with an offer to participate in a project up-cycle. I was to provide the project, they would provide the paint of my choice.
MODERN MASTERS Metallic Paint (www.modernmasters.com)
Absolutely the best paint I’ve ever used!!!
I really love this stuff! I mean, really, look at Ole’ Red again. It was in pretty poor shape and I am in no way a professional. I seldom read directions, I don’t follow the rules and my projects pretty much make their own.
I scrubbed it clean with dollar store “Awesome” cleaner. Then I started sanding. I wanted the old red to remain part of the cupboard so I did not sand all the way down to the raw wood everywhere.
English walnut and Snow White Metallic - The coverage on the English walnut was spectacular! – The metallic was perfect! I loved the look and contemplated stopping right here. What a difference a little paint can do….Ole’ Red was coming back to life!
Although this paint dries very fast, I did let it sit overnight before starting the first coat of white.
The Snow White Metallic wasn't near as friendly as the English Brown. I realize that browns and reds are not easily covered, however I felt like I painted and painted…coat after coat. At one point I was ready to go back to the just straight brown, but because of an order mix up, I continued and by the time I received more paint, I decided I really liked the look I had achieved.
Sanding…..YUCK, but in order to get the look I was after, it was a must! AND well, I am pretty pleased with the outcome. Not bad for not knowing what I was doing and being too stubborn to take the time to find out. Trial and Error…Trial and Error – Blemishes become character. Not perfect, but neither am I!
I couldn't decide what to do with the doors and drawer…more trial and error!
The doors seemed to hate me. I had a hard time get a good smooth coverage, so I decided to swirl my paint brush, leaving a texture on the inset of the doors. I may come up with something better at a later date, but for now, I’m okay with it.
Ole’ Red didn't come with a top piece so I had to make one. I wanted to do something different and unusual but time did not allow for it (or maybe I was just too anxious to get it done) – I’m not saying which....lol
I bought some fabric to cover the back. I liked it but I decided since I was keeping a vintage piece (remember I was supposed to be changing my style) I really needed to give it a “wow” factor… so my search continued!
I went to Lowe's and bought a cheap but nice wood plank. A friend who knew that I was in a hurry, had a friend, who offered to router it for me. I painted and attached with a small nail gun.
Ole’ Red was missing some hardware when I got it. I liked what it had, but knew it would be hard to match. I made several trips to Lowe’s, Hobby Lobby and a few other places in search of the right fit. Finally I made a decision to add to what I already had. Talk about mix and match, but it all worked out.
Little cost and lot's of determination brought it back to life. The bold colors brings a touch of modern to my everlasting love of vintage styles. - Thank you to all the folks and members at Hometalk and Modern Masters. I have a HAPPY new space in my home and a new love for metallic paints!
Every time I look at it, I see something else I could do or should have done, but all in all, I am happy with the way it turned out. Still a bit vintage, yet bright with a new style.

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  • Cynthia A Green
    Cynthia A Green Oklahoma City, OK
    on Mar 9, 2015

    You go girl.

  • Modern Masters
    Modern Masters Valencia, CA
    on Mar 9, 2015

    Sherry, you did a fantastic job and we love it! It's unexpectedly beautiful and has such great personality. Wonderful!

  • Michelle McClish
    Michelle McClish Marysville, OH
    on Apr 4, 2015

    I so want to come to work for/with you :) I wish that I had taken before and after photos of all the projects I have done over the years! Your style is so incredible! If you "feel it, you make it" and that is how creativity works! It's all visionary and you, my friend, have it in SPADES! Love this cabinet and the steps you went through, trial and error...it all makes an amazing work of art come to life :)

    • Sherry Valentine
      Sherry Valentine Broken Arrow, OK
      on Apr 6, 2015

      Awww Michelle Thank You! I really appreciate your comment...some people just want to see a refinish but I prefer to get creative and let the art in a project direct me to the finish! Too bad Ohio is so far from Oklahoma...I'd love to work with someone such as yourself! - Keep on Creating!!!

  • Gail Salminen
    Gail Salminen Canada
    on Apr 22, 2015

    @Sherry Valentine you are so talented. I can refinish, paint etc. but when it comes to power tools I have to call hubby and hope he isn't golfing LOL Guess I will have to try my hand at it when he is away on some of my old fence boards I have out back. You did a great job - love the colour and the top you added looks like it always was! Thanks for sharing.

    • Sherry Valentine
      Sherry Valentine Broken Arrow, OK
      on Apr 22, 2015

      Thank you Gail. I had a lot of fun with this project.

  • Lpmr420
    Lpmr420 Canada
    on May 26, 2015

    I think it could have looked equally impressive had you left the piece black and just sanded spots enough to show the red underneath & then added the flower patterned backing with just the insides painted the lighter colour... like a very expensive shoe. LOL It is a great imaginative piece, excellent innovative idea.

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