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Easy, Industrial Toilet Paper Dispenser

So, I have this total blank-slate of a bathroom. Well, bathroom may be over-stating. It's a small room with a toilet, actually, and not much else up to this point. So, when I was posed the challenge to create something using plumbing parts, my project was a total no-brainer... A toilet paper dispenser!
Time: 10 Minutes Cost: $13 Difficulty: Easy
First, I gathered my parts. Two nipples, an elbow, a floor flange and a cap. I used the 1/2" pipes and fittings (for the exact dimensions on everything check out my post). I gave everything a good scrubbing. Then, once they were dry, it was as simple as.... One:
Then, I mounted that puppy on the wall with anchors and screws....
....Aaaaaand, BAM!
The coolest little toilet paper dispenser you ever did see. I mean, just check out those curves...
And the functionality can't be beat! It's super sturdy and get's the job done. Plus, I can't tell you how luxurious it feels to have a toilet paper dispenser after months of setting the roll on the back of the toilet. And yes, I know how sad it is that it took me that long. Heehee! ;) In any case, this was a super easy project that's worth it's weight in gold... I'd easily do it again and definitely recommend it if it's a style you're looking for.

To see more: http://operationhomeblog.com/2015/02/11/easy-industrial-pipe-toilet-paper-dispenser-monthly-diy-challenge/

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