A Gallery Wall, the "Thrifty" Way

Gallery Walls 01.20.16
You can do a Gallery Wall up your stairs or on any wall inexpensively! I'll show you how.... Easy step by step.....and all for less than $20!
Finished gallery wall....
Easy way to figure out placement without messing up your walls!
The best way to figure out your arrangement without putting holes all over your walls. It's easy to see how it's going to look with the cutouts.
Inexpensive way to create your gallery wall....frames from the thrift store..and garage sales and painted them to match!
I also painted the mats white so they would all match.
Visit the link below for more details....

To see more: http://www.artsychicksrule.com/2013/01/a-gallery-wallthe-thrifty-way.html

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  • Evelyn McMullen
    Evelyn McMullen Montgomery, AL
    Wish I'd known this simple trick when I had all the grandkids baby pictures up. They're all grown up now & those pics are in albums.
  • Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule
    Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule Virginia Beach, VA
    Yes, it does make it so much easier Evelyn McMullen :)
  • Lee R
    Lee R Douglasville, GA
    This link is broken. It goes to painting a chest instead of your gallery wall. I would love to see how you did it if you can get the link repaired.
    • Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule
      Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule Virginia Beach, VA
      Lee R It was re-direct from my old host and worked for me but I went ahead and put a new link up for you! Try it now. :)
  • Ana
    Ana Mableton, GA
    This is so cool and I want to do it on my wall.
  • Lee R
    Lee R Douglasville, GA
    thank you Nancy for fixing the link. I love your Gallery wall. it certainly does not look "thrifty"!! I did a similar wall spray painting all my collected frames gold and really could have used your placement idea. My wall was approaching Swiss cheese
    • Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule
      Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule Virginia Beach, VA
      Lee R You are welcome! And I love the "swiss cheese" reference! ;) Yes, the paper really helped with arranging them. You won't have the swiss cheese wall this go round!
Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule