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Why Won't My Heat Turn Off?

An AK employee asks: My thermostat (like the one seen here) has been set to a constant 68 degrees. Today, for some reason, the heat just keeps running and the temp keeps going up and up and up. The batteries are new and I've tried tapping it ;)

The heat will go off when I turn it to off. But no matter what temp it's set on, when you turn it on the heat will just run and run. Anyone had this problem? HVAC experts?

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  • Susan Helena, MT
    Probably the sensor is bad---call a repairman.
  • If this happened right after the batteries were replaced, remove the cover and check the base plate for crossed white and red wire. They may have been bumped together when the cover was replaced.
  • can not move the on and off button can you help I changed the batteries.

    Thanks for your help

  • If your heat won't turn off and your thermostat is operating properly (quick check, disconnect it from the wall or take the batteries out) then most likely your valve(s) is/are stuck on. There is a manually lever that you can use to manually open or
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