Create a Cozy Winter Water Garden

Decor Ideas 01.19.15
Winter may not seem like a cozy time outdoors, but you can create "warmth" around your pond or waterfall by using Pond and Landscape LED Lighting. Much like you decorate your house at Christmas, you can enhance your water feature during the shorter days of winter. More info on Pond and Landscape Lights at


Difficulty: Easy
  • Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    Beautiful. So maybe it's a stupid question, but are you able to keep everything from freezing and causing an expensive mess just because the water is in motion?
  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    The lighting definitely makes those landscapes winter wonderland. I attended a talk by a master gardener yesterday, who reminded us that it is important to remember that lighting should be on a timer so that it goes off at a reasonable time. Not doing so
  • Aquascape Inc.
    Aquascape Inc. Saint Charles, IL
    Good point, Douglas! And yes, Steve ... the moving water helps to keep things from freezing solid. It's important to keep an eye on the water level however, as there will be some water loss due to evaporation. On occasion, you'll need to top off the
  • Maureen O'Donovan
    Maureen O'Donovan Johnstown, OH
    Beautiful property!! My house in Kennesaw, Ga has a sloped yard with a stone retaining wall very much like the one pictured .....pretty much an empty canvas right now ......would love to some day put a water feature on it amongst many other
  • Dayoris Custom
    Dayoris Custom Hialeah, FL
    Your posts look so refreshing...It must be the effect of water. It relaxes the eyes looking at the pictures. Beautiful
  • Rocky Mountain WaterScape
    Beautiful photos! Love the Christmas lights on the shrubs in the background, too!
  • Cindy Luby
    Cindy Luby Plano, TX
    The lighted snowy path is my favorite you can almost hear the snow crunch.
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