Getting the white back from freezer water/ice cube dispenser area AND refrigerator door handles.

I am looking for a solution to get the yellowing (and brown from where the light switch is) white again. Any solutions

  • Robyn Farwell
    Robyn Farwell West Lebanon, NH
    Kathy, Straight Nails Construction, Sherrie
    • Bernice H
      Bernice H Palm Desert, CA
      Ohhh good gravy! Yes...ssteel is like that! Well,there are lots of posts on what to do...use...sorry! That would drive me crazy. I used to do house cleaning for people. One house had a pumpkin orange bedroom,another had navy blue tile countertop in the
  • Tim D. (The Retro Den)
    Tim D. (The Retro Den) Virginia Beach, VA
    Please let everyone know what worked for you. Even the Rustoleum Appliance spray in the previous post looks like it was the best solution... It a very versatile paint...
  • Jeannie Andrews
    Jeannie Andrews Winlock, WA
    consider yourself "compensated". :)
  • Barbara Kegebein
    Barbara Kegebein Bastrop, LA
    I used the Mr Clean magic erasers to clean my fridge where it had turned yellow.
  • Mfk
    mfk Reston, VA
    neither magic erasers nor baking soda with H2O2 works. what else can I try?
Robyn Farwell