DIY Slide Out Pantry Kitchen Storage

Kitchen space 10.28.15

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Thanks to Pinterest, my daughter and her husband were able to find a website with a great tutorial for building a slide out pantry. This DIY project solved their biggest kitchen storage problem! Visit for a look at how they built their own slide out pantry.

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  • Mollee Kauzlarich
    Mollee Kauzlarich Moline, IL
    I'm thinking a CD storage tower would be great for narrow spaces. Every little bit of storage helps.
  • Jan
    Jan United Kingdom
    We made a very tall one of these this weekend to fit by the fridge freezer it looks great and stores loads of things. Thanks for the idea.
  • Maria Daniels-Marquez
    This is such a great Idea!!
  • Dana Muller
    Dana Muller San Diego, CA
    That's what I was thinking since I don't know how to build things like this.I'd use tension rods instead of the dowels. This is much taller than any plastic ones I have seen.

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