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An Almost No Sew Slipcovered Chair

I created a slipcover to repurpose an old chair for a new space by using leftover drop cloth scraps, a glue gun, a staple gun and an old bridesmaid's dress! It's all part of my mission to use items in my own home before going out and buying something new. See how I did it at the link below!
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://www.storywooddesigns.com/2013/01/04/an-almost-no-sew-slipcovered-chair/

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  • Vintage Charm Restored by Lori Young

    Oh my goodness!! I absolutely LOVE this!! I have 2 chairs that are just sitting aside waiting for this!! LOVE!!

  • Storywood Designs
    Storywood Designs Raleigh, NC

    Thank you @Sharon @ mrs. hines class , @Jeanette S , @Teri Uliasz Boyungs and @Vintage Charm Restored by Lori Young !!

  • Polly Zieper
    Polly Zieper Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Do you think this could be done with a sofa, or would all the pinning get too tedious?

  • Debi53
    Debi53 Broadway, NC

    Hello neighbor! I live just a little south of you and I love this sweet little chair. Using the child's pin & the petticoat was just the right touch!

  • Nikki
    Nikki Fenton, MO

    Adorable! and I also love that it is No SEW =) are you able to wash it in the laundry? I'm just curious about the hot glue holding up, Or is it not a removable slipcover? I would love to figure out how to make a no sew slipcover for a living room