Living Room and Dining Room Tour

possibilities 05.11.16
Although I've had these rooms done for a little while now, I've finally took full-room pictures as well as answered many questions like paint color, furniture sources, etc. Enjoy...

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  • Move Masters
    Move Masters Newport Beach, CA
    Wow must say an exemplary piece of art is represented here. As the looks given to living & dining room can definitely be eye catchy & hopefully budgeted too.
  • Cherie
    Cherie Cleburne, TX
    Beautiful!!! That's all I can say! Beautiful!!!!!
  • Barbara burnett
    barbara burnett Fort Worth, TX
    Love it. Homey!
  • Zofia schwalb
    zofia schwalb Riverside, CA
    Excellent taste. Everything fits together. Awesome.
  • Denise Marie Krwawecz
    I see you said the top is "Hickory" it is beautiful! What is the name of the bottom? This a wonderful combination!
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