Does this all natural garbage disposal cleaner really work?

Cleaning 09.21.15
Lately, I've been trying to cut down on the amount of cleaners in my home and use all natural products when I can. Join me as I put this cleaning tip to the test and see if it makes the grade.
Time: 10 Minutes Difficulty: Easy
Sometimes the garbage disposal needs a little freshening.
This all natural deodorizer is made with lemons and vinegar. Just cut lemon into small bits, drop into ice tray and fill with vinegar. The next time the disposal needs freshening, just drop a cube down the disposal, turn it on and run some water.

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  • Sharon @ mrs. hines class
    Woodbridge Environmental , I used to just put the lemon in followed by ice. I love freezing it and having it ready to go. And I don't have to worry about the my
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    It appears that everyone uses vinegar for something. I really have no idea if it does anything other then go down the drain. It really would not stay in the disposer to do any real good. But on the other hand, it will not hurt anything. As a microbial
  • Jeanette Country Design Style
    Does the ice also help keep the disposal blades sharp? I heard that years ago.
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    Homa, that is a myth. These are hardened steel blades and ice is way to soft to do any good. But the ice does cause any grease that has collected on them to cool down enough so it is released. This gives the impression that they are cutting better as the
  • Jeanette Country Design Style
    Thank you so much for the information!
Sharon @ mrs. hines class