"Eye Candy"...Repurposing a vintage candy display as pretty ribbon storage...

Since many of us are thinking "organization" right now I decided to show you an idea I had for storing all those colorful ribbons at my house. A "sweet" repurpose for 2013 :)

To see more: http://chippingwithcharm.blogspot.com/2012/09/eye-candyribbon-storage.html

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  • Eclectically Vintage - Kelly
    Every time I see one of your fabulous finds, I want to go out and search for one of my own! Love this!
  • Pam Perkins Zirbel
    Pam Perkins Zirbel Newfane, NY
    Well..that is verry cool! I am a paper crafter, make cards mostly and I just love this idea! Have been looking for something different!! I have tried the rain gutters, didnt work for me.....
  • Chipping with Charm, Laurel
    Thanks!! Mine were in boxes and bins before...I just love to have them out so I can see them :)
  • Colleen
    Colleen Supply, NC
    Just a suggestion for all who are needing a way to organize ribbon rolls, I purchased a cheap #4 tension rod and hung on the shelves I've got. It works really read.
  • Jan B.
    Jan B. Crossville, TN
    With a rather short (not too deep) plastic basket that has medium size holes all around it...place your spools in two rows, inside the basket, then pull ribbon ends through the holes facing outward.(row on each long side of basket) You can pull and cut
    • Jan B.
      Jan B. Crossville, TN
      Joan life is like a roll of toilet paper..the closer to the end the faster it goes! Take a deep breath, smile and remember when you worry it wrinkles your spirit!
Chipping with Charm, Laurel